03 Jul 2017

Speeding up a Support Ticket

In the rare case you may have to submit a support ticket the fastest way for us to solve your problem is to do give us the following informati... Read more
By -vG- The Beef

28 May 2017

Why do I lose my VIP?

A comment support question is "Why did I lose my VIP?".

Well to answer that currently our system only applies a donation rank ... Read more
By -vG- The Beef

24 Apr 2017

PERP 4 Early Access

We now have PERP 4 Early Access available to pre-order/purchase. Click the banner below to view the package and consider supporting our commu... Read more
By -vG- The Beef

25 Mar 2017

Current Donation Ranks

We currently only have Gold VIP setup right now, we are working on new ranks but for the moment we just have one. We will update you once ... Read more
By -vG- The Beef

15 Mar 2017

Beta Testing

Our new donation system is currently in Beta, If you find a problem please make a post under the help desk section of the forums with the tag in the tile "... Read more
By -vG- The Beef

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Submitting a Support Ticket

Speeding Up the process 

To ensure a faster support time please include:

  • Your Steam Name
  • Your Steam ID
  • Your Forum Profile link
  • Package Bought
  • Issue
  • If gifted who gave you the package and what is their Steam Name and Steam ID